What are the Most Common Types of Knee Injuries?


What are the Most Common Types of Knee Injuries?

Statistically speaking, knee pain affects an abundance of patients on a regular basis in this country. It’s almost inevitable that someone will endure knee pain at one point or another throughout the course of their life. The knee is a sensitive joint that plays a major role in supporting both the movement and function of the leg. It’s considered one of the most important and complex joints in the entire body. With such complexity in a very delicate spot, the knee is also a vulnerable location for injury. If you have been searching for a knee orthopedist in White Plains, NY, visit us at New York Sports Medicine Institute. Our highly-talented team of orthopedic specialists prides themselves on providing the highest quality orthopedic care for each and every one of our patients. Continue reading to learn more about the most common types of knee injuries and how our staff can help treat this condition

The Knee

Being that the knee is one of the largest and most complex joints throughout the entire body, it may come as no surprise to know that there are numerous types of injuries that can occur. The knee is comprised of four main components such as the bones, cartilage, ligaments, and tendons. It acts as a meeting point for both the femur bone and the tibia. It also consists of two c-shaped cartilage pieces, known as the menisci, that are responsible for minimizing friction between the femur and tibia bones. The four main ligaments of the knee are:

  • The anterior cruciate ligament (ACL).
  • The medial collateral ligament (MCL).
  • The lateral collateral ligament. 
  • The posterior cruciate ligament. 

These ligaments play a key role in keeping the knee intact. Damage done to these ligaments can cause severe effects on how a person is able to bend, move, and twist the knee or leg. 

The Most Common Types of Injuries

  • Fractures – A fracture can occur in any of the bones within, or surrounding the knee. The most common bone to be fractured in the knee is the patella or also known as the kneecap. Most often, fractures are a result of severe trauma to the knee such as a car accident or fall. Underlying conditions, such as osteoporosis, can also have an impact on how easily a person can fracture their knee. 
  • Dislocation – Dislocation of the knee occurs when the bones are out of their proper alignment or placement. Multiple bones can be dislocated at a given time, causing severe pain to occur. Dislocated knees can be caused by numerous events, but are typically synonymous with contact sports, falls, or other traumas. 
  • Meniscal Tears – Usually when referring to torn cartilage in the knee, it means there’s a tear in the menisci. These two delicate pieces of cartilage can easily be torn during a contact sport or in an accident. Though in some cases, it could be due to older age that causes the initial tear. This condition is then referred to as a degenerative meniscus tear. 
  • Tendonitis – This is a condition that occurs when the tendon connecting the kneecap to the shinbone becomes inflamed. It’s also commonly known as jumper’s knee because it’s a kind of injury that many athletes will experience. Those who are very active on a daily basis, performing running and jumping motions are highly likely to develop this condition. 
  • Bursitis – Within the knee joints, there are fluid-filled sacs, known as bursae, that are responsible for allowing the tendons and ligaments to easily glide over the knee joint. It’s when these sacs swell and become inflamed that it causes the condition of bursitis to occur. Typically, bursitis can be treated with self-care but there are some instances where antibiotics or fluid withdrawal is needed to help clear it up. 
  • Ligament injuries – Collateral, anterior and posterior cruciate ligament injuries are usually the result of contact sports such as soccer or football. They are categorized into three distinct levels, such as grade 1, grade 2, and grade 3 levels. Grade 3 is the most severe case and means that a complete tear has occurred.

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