8 Effective Hip Mobility Exercises

8 Effective Hip Mobility Exercises

The hips are the center of your body’s movement, facilitating various demands every day. Poor hip mobility can contribute to issues like knee problems and back pain and can hinder your athleticism. Our team at New York Sports Medicine Institute would like to share some practical hip mobility exercises to help you combat hip stiffness and improve your athletic performance. Continue reading to discover more!

What Is The Cause Of Poor Hip Mobility?

The hip is one of your body’s largest ball-and-socket joints. The femur (thighbone) and acetabulum (part of the pelvis) form the joint. The surface of these bones is cushioned by cartilage and covered by synovium. If these parts of the hip are damaged or injured, it can significantly reduce your hip mobility. Some of the conditions that can impact your mobility include:

  • Bursitis – Bursitis in the hip is due to painful inflammation of the bursae around the hip. Hip bursitis is most commonly a result of repetitive motion and stress in the areas around the hip joints. However, it can also be caused by an infection or direct trauma to the hip. Hip bursitis can go away on its own with rest and therapeutic exercise, but if your pain is severe, our doctors may recommend surgery. 
  • Tendonitis – Hip flexor tendonitis can occur when the tendons that flex the hip become irritated or inflamed. Tendonitis can cause pain and mobility problems. Repetitive overuse can put excessive stress on the tendons. 
  • Arthritis – The joints in the hip can become inflamed due to arthritis, causing stiffness and pain. Arthritis in the hip can affect your mobility and make it difficult to perform daily tasks. 

The hips play a critical role in your overall health and mobility, so improving your mobility is crucial to facilitating movement and reducing strain on your body. 

8 Effective Hip Mobility Exercises

Maintaining good hip mobility requires a bit of effort. Whether you’re an athlete or an active individual, hip mobility allows you to have a full range of motion and peak performance during exercise. 

*Before trying any of these listed exercises, you should consult with a physician at New York Sports Medicine Institute. Our team will evaluate your condition and determine the right exercises to suit your unique condition and ability. 

Here are some of the most effective hip mobility exercises:

  • Foam roller exercises: One of the best ways to improve hip mobility is by using a foam roller. Start by positioning your body on top of a foam roller and slowly rolling along your iliotibial band, hamstrings, quads, and glutes. You can also target those hard-to-reach places like your lower back, hips, and glutes with the help of a tennis ball.
  • Hip flexor stretches: Another great way to improve hip mobility is by stretching your hip flexors regularly. Traditional yoga poses like the pigeon pose or half-pigeon stretch can help you loosen up those tight muscles in your hips. You can also try kneeling hip flexor stretch, a common exercise that helps improve knee flexion.
  • Yoga poses: In addition to stretching your hip flexors, yoga is another great way to improve your hip mobility. Try practicing various poses like the downward-facing dog or half-lion pose to loosen up those tight hips and improve hip mobility.

At New York Sports Medicine Institute, our orthopedic surgeons have successfully treated countless patients living with hip pain and injuries. We work closely with our patients to explore all treatment options, including therapeutic exercises and minimally invasive procedures to address problems in the hip. Regardless of your symptoms, our patient-focused approach can help mitigate the effects of poor hip mobility and strengthen the joint to protect it from future damage. 

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If you want to improve your hip mobility and overall performance, consider implementing some of these effective exercises into your routine today. With some effort, you can start feeling more limber and mobile in no time!​ Our team at New York Sports Medicine Institute, our experts will carefully evaluate your needs and determine the best course of action to restore mobility in your hips. Be sure to contact New York Sports Medicine Institute today and request an appointment