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Saturday Walk-In Urgent Care Hours Now Available At Our White Plains Office

Orthopedic Surgery

Committed to excellence by providing the highest quality of orthopedic and sports medicine care.

Physical Therapy

NYSMI’s experienced and licensed physical therapists help you improve your mobility and quality of life.

Concussion Care

Comprehensive center consisting of a multidisciplinary team of professionals with expertise in the assessment and treatment of individuals with concussions and head injuries.

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  • At the New York Sports Medicine Institute, our team is committed to providing the finest in orthopedic sports medicine. We offer a wide range of specialized treatments to evaluate and treat sports-related conditions affecting the body. Our team is proud to provide Protect3D 3D printed......

  • The winter season brings along the inevitable risk of slipping and falling on ice. While many falls only damage your self-esteem, they can carry a significant potential for injuries and pain in your knees. Going for a walk in the cold with knee pain may......

  • Have you been experiencing pain and tenderness in your shoulder? This can be a result of an injury to your deltoid muscle. While this pain can put a damper on your holiday activities this season, you do not need to resign yourself to living with......

  • The warning signs and symptoms of a concussion can be confusing. They don’t always appear right away, they can come and go, and they may not go away without additional treatment. At New York Sports Medicine Institute, we treat concussion patients every day. Our individualized......