Are PRP Injections Safe?

Are PRP Injections Safe?

Tendons and ligaments are strong tissues that help us engage in all sorts of physical activity when they’re healthy. However, these tissues have a poor blood supply, so they can take a long time to heal and cause severe pain. Certain elements in the blood can help these tissues heal by stimulating a repair and growth response. At New York Sports Medicine Institute, we administer platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections to relieve tendon and ligament injuries and chronic pain symptoms. Continue reading to learn more. 

What Are PRP Injections?

Platelets are found in the blood and can help form clots when injured, but they are also known for their growth factors that help facilitate injury healing. Platelet-rich plasma, or PRP, injections are a nonoperative healing solution for orthopedic injuries. PRP injections utilize the body’s natural healing process by injecting a concentration of the patient’s plasma into damaged ligaments, joints, and tendons to accelerate healing and promote tissue repair. Some of the conditions and injuries that can be treated with PRP injections include:

  • Knee Arthritis.
  • Fractures.
  • Chronic Tendon Injuries.
  • Muscle Injuries.
  • Acute Ligament Injuries.
  • Surgery.

If you have never undergone this process before, you may be wondering what to expect. Our team will draw a sample of your blood and place it into a centrifuge. The machine spins quickly and causes the blood components to separate, which takes about 15 minutes. The separated plasma is then taken and prepared for injection into the affected area. Our team will use imaging to pinpoint the exact location for injection and administer it accordingly. 

Are PRP Injections Safe?

PRP injection therapy has been used for decades to promote soft tissue repair and regeneration. When provided by our team at New York Sports Medicine Institute, PRP injections are considered a safe and effective treatment for various orthopedic conditions. PRP contains substances that come directly from your body, which reduces the risk of an allergic reaction. Since PRP involves the injection of a substance into the skin, there are a few potential side effects. Pain at the injection site is the most common side effect. Our team will discuss any possible risks with you and take the necessary steps to minimize these risks. 

Benefits of PRP Injections

PRP injections have grown in popularity as a cutting-edge pain management approach in recent years. This form of therapy can significantly enhance the healing process for soft tissue damage and musculoskeletal injuries. Here are some of the benefits of PRP injections patients can experience: 

  • Effectively reduces inflammation – This pain management approach can effectively reduce swelling and inflammation that accompanies many orthopedic injuries and conditions. 
  • Helps heal orthopedic injuries – PRP injections can provide relief to those suffering from injuries affecting their joints, ligaments, tendons, muscles, and other soft tissues of the body. This approach aims to restore mobility and functionality to the injured muscle or joint. 
  • Minimally invasive – PRP therapy utilizes your own blood to create an ultra-concentrated serum rich in powerful proteins and growth factors that help your body heal and repair itself. This treatment reduces the need for surgery and is a quick and easy process. 
  • Natural treatment – PRP injections are entirely natural and harness your body’s power to heal itself. Since they are injection-based, this treatment requires no anesthesia or recovery. There is also no risk of rejection since the treatment consists of your own cells. Your body will recognize the plasma as your own physical material. 
  • Relieves pain – Patients who undergo PRP injections can experience significant pain relief since the tissues repair themselves at a faster rate. This treatment is especially effective when combined with other conservative methods. 

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If you are suffering from an orthopedic injury and are curious if PRP injections are suitable for you, our team at New York Sports Medicine Institute is here to help. We offer PRP injections as one of our regenerative medicine options for treating injuries. To learn more about this treatment, be sure to contact our team today!