Daniel Jones High Ankle Sprain

Daniel Jones High Ankle Sprain

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Those watching at home and in attendance for the Sunday, December 1st matchup between the New York Giants and Green Bay Packers were reminded of the impact mother nature plays on sports this time of year. With snow and rain falling throughout the game, the potential for injury was high. This potential was realized as the Giants’ starting quarterback Daniel Jones suffered a high ankle sprain during the first half of their 31-13 home loss. 

What Is A High Ankle Sprain? Our sports medicine doctor in NYC, Dr. Neil Roth answers this question below:

High ankle sprains are an injury to the syndesmotic ligaments that stabilize the bones (tibia and fibula) of the lower leg near the ankle joint. As opposed to a ‘lower ankle sprain,’ which is an injury to the ligaments on the outer part of the ankle, the lateral collateral ligaments (inversion sprain) or inner part of the ankle, deltoid ligament (eversion) and usually occurs from turning your ankle inward or outward.” 

Dr. Roth will be able to determine the severity of a sprain based on the following symptoms: 

● Tenderness when touching the ankle. 

● Being unable to place any weight on the foot. 

● Limited range of motion. 

● Swelling. 

● Bruising. 

● Instability of this joint. 

Treating Ankle Sprains: Just like superstar teammate Saquon Barkley earlier this year, Daniel Jones will be missing time as a result of his high ankle sprain. “A high ankle sprain occurs when you twist the lower leg and the foot together in an outward direction. These types of injuries are generally less common, but can take sometimes twice as long to recover (6 weeks-3 months),” says Dr. Roth. A sports medicine doctor in NYC, such as himself, can assist throughout the recovery process. Dr. Roth went on to say “These injuries rarely require surgery, but need physical therapy, rest, ice, bracing and anti-inflammatory medication.”

Therapeutic Exercises For Recovery As Dr. Roth mentioned, physical therapy is a key aspect of recovering from ankle sprains. A trained sports medicine doctor in NYC, such as Dr. Roth at New York Sports Medicine Institute, will have athletes perform some of the following stretches and exercises to help rehab ankle sprains: 

Ankle Alphabet: In a seated position with the injured foot/ankle pointing straight out, use your ankle to trace out capital letters of the alphabet. Emphasize each movement so a passerby would be able to determine what letter you are performing. Try spelling “N-Y-S-M-I” to start off! 

Basic Balance: Balance exercises are performed once the strength of your joint has been regained. Standing on your injured foot, focus on your balance by lifting your other foot off of the ground. Your goal should be to hold this position for upwards of one minute at a time. Regaining stability in the ankle is crucial when trying to return to action. 

Towel Stretches: By utilizing towel stretches, you’ll be able to increase the range of motion of your ankle. Sit on the floor with your legs extended and loop a towel around the ball of your foot. Grab the ends of the towel with each hand and try to bring your toes towards you. Keep this pull going for 15 to 30 seconds. If you begin to feel more than a mild or moderate stretch, be sure to ease up to avoid the risk of aggravating the injury.

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When asked about the recovery of Daniel Jones, Dr. Roth said “As a mobile quarterback, he will need to be able to cut and pivot, which will take a longer rehab time. It would be unlikely that he returns this season, especially with the Giants out of the playoff picture.” As an athlete, it is important to know your limitations after an injury. To highlight this, Dr. Roth said, “The good news is that once healed, you are back to full activity without limits and can return to any level of sports. If rushed back, you are vulnerable to a re-injury or a worsening of the underlying injury with a prolonged recovery.” Being evaluated by a knowledgeable sports medicine doctor in NYC, such as the ones at New York Sports Medicine Institute, can help athletes avoid this. If you, like Daniel Jones, are dealing with a high ankle sprain, be sure to contact us today for proper assessment and treatment.