Diagnosing Elbow Fractures

Diagnosing Elbow Fractures

With the power of enough force and pressure, all of the bones and joints in your body are subject to fractures. At New York Sports Medicine Institute, Dr. Roth has helped numerous patients overcome injuries such as bone fractures. As the weather continues to get warmer and outdoor sports begin to take place, fractures of the elbow become more commonplace. Our team can diagnose injuries such as these, allowing a swift treatment process to take place.

Symptoms That Require Professional Help

Elbow fractures are a serious medical condition that requires prompt medical intervention to prevent long term complications from taking place. If you are unsure if you or a loved one has suffered a fractured elbow, Dr. Roth and our team at New York Sports Medicine Institute are here to provide expert orthopedic care. When the below symptoms are present, you’ll need to reach out so that you can receive a proper diagnosis:

  • Swelling, bruising, or discoloration around the joint.
  • Pain in the affected area.
  • Inability to straighten or bend the elbow.

Diagnosing The Injury

Once you’ve contacted Dr. Roth and scheduled an appointment, the diagnosis process can begin. Assessing any potential damage to the nerves or blood vessels in this area is paramount. Although it is uncommon, recognizing this plays an important role in creating a treatment plan. Following this initial examination, you can likely expect x-rays of the elbow to be taken. These imaging tests will confirm the diagnosis of a fractured elbow and potentially reveal the severity of the injury.

Causes Of Elbow Fractures

Having an understanding of what causes elbow fractures allows patients to do their part for prevention methods. Being knowledgeable of the causes may also increase your suspicion that you’ve sustained an injury of this nature, meaning that you’ll seek out treatment faster. At New York Sports Medicine Institute, Dr. Roth and our team have seen fractures caused by just some of the following examples:

  • Falling directly on the joint.
  • Sustaining a direct and forceful blow to your elbow.
  • Falling on an outstretched arm that forces the joint to bend the wrong way.

Types Of Elbow Fractures

The general population may not be fully aware of this, but not all elbow fractures are one and the same. Different parts of the elbow can become fractured, and they need to be properly diagnosed for treatment to take place. The types of fractures that Dr. Roth is well versed in handling and treating include the following:

  • Condylar fractures: Condylar fractures occur right above the elbow joint. This occurs when only one side of the elbow joint is affected.
  • Radial Head Subluxation: While no bones are broken in a radial head subluxation, this type of injury is very common. This diagnosis is made when the elbow joint slides out of place.
  • Olecranon Fractures: This type of fracture takes place to the bone in the back of your elbow. Olecranon fractures can be difficult to differentiate from growth plate issues, which is why you’ll need the help of a specialist such as Dr. Roth.    


After diagnosing you with an elbow fracture, our team will move forward with a treatment plan. Realigning the fracture will allow it to heal and limit the chances of any long term complications that are resulting from the injury. How this realignment takes place depends on the severity of the injury. The different methods of treatment include the following techniques:

  • Splints.
  • Casting.
  • In some cases, surgery.

Contact New York Sports Medicine Institute

Elbow fractures can quickly drag down your quality of life. When you’re physically unable to move your elbow, completing everyday tasks can become impossible. To limit the amount of time spent dealing with an injury such as these, you’ll need the help of an experienced medical professional. At New York Sports Medicine Institute, we have an expert orthopedic doctor operating right out of the New York area. To work with Dr. Roth and resolve your elbow issue, contact us today!