How Can Protect3D Get You Back Onto The Field?

How Can Protect3D Get You Back Onto The Field?

At the New York Sports Medicine Institute, our team is committed to providing the finest in orthopedic sports medicine. We offer a wide range of specialized treatments to evaluate and treat sports-related conditions affecting the body. Our team is proud to provide Protect3D 3D printed braces, splints, and individually customized pads for comfort, mobility, and protection. Continue reading to discover how Protect3D can get you back onto the field. 

What Is Protect3D?

Treatments for sports-related injuries are constantly evolving. Our team at New York Sports Medicine Institute currently offers Protect3D to enhance an athlete’s recovery, performance, and safety with custom devices. Through a 30 second 3D scan, precise protective devices can be designed and printed for an athlete. These devices are used to protect athletes from a variety of injuries, including:

  • Acromioclavicular (AC) Joint Separation.
  • Sternoclavicular (SC) Joint Separation.
  • Clavicle Fracture.
  • MCP, PIP, DIP Joint Instability.
  • Scaphoid Fracture.
  • Thumb UCL Tear.

What Are Custom Orthotic Devices?

Different types of orthoses serve particular purposes:

  • Dynamic – Dynamic orthoses come with moving parts that allow the stretching of the joint with a limited range of motion. It’s essential to closely monitor movements and exercises to hasten recovery without further damaging the area. 
  • Static – Static orthoses have no moving parts. Their purpose is to ensure rest and protection while immobilizing the injured area. 
  • Static Progressive – These aim to improve the motion of stiff joints by applying adjustable force.

While bracing and splinting have similarities, they both serve specific purposes. Braces are generally meant for long-term use to ensure the joint stays in a neutral position to give soft-tissue injuries time to heal after an injury or surgery. Splints are typically recommended for short-term use to support an injured joint. Splints are made of more rigid materials to minimize nerve pressure and restrict movement to help the healing process. Bracing and splinting are integral to your recovery from an orthopedic injury or surgery. These methods allow bones, joints, and soft tissues time to heal. By minimizing movement and reducing weight on injured extremities, your body can receive the full benefits of other orthopedic treatments. 

What Are The Benefits Of Custom Orthotic Devices For Athletes?

Sports require a great deal of pressure and movement on your joints. Slight imbalances that are generally not detectable under everyday circumstances may make you more susceptible to injury with the additional stress of sports activity. By reducing or eliminating the need to compensate for these imbalances caused by injury, pain, or repetitive motions, custom orthotic devices can reduce fatigue and boost efficient muscle function to enhance your athletic performance. 

Our team at the New York Sports Medicine Institute is trained to recommend and fit the appropriate custom fabrication for your specific injury or post-operative needs. Using the Protect3D system, our team can take enhanced measurements of the injured area to ensure the best fit possible. The orthotic devices prescribed by our team are customizable and can have several different uses. Our team will thoroughly evaluate your injury or condition before prescribing a brace or splint that perfectly suits your needs. Custom fabrications can be used to:

  • Immobilize and protect joints. 
  • Decrease swelling.
  • Reduce pain. 
  • Facilitate the healing of acute injuries. 

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The New York Sports Medicine Institute is one of the only practices in New York that offers Protect3D devices. If you are experiencing pain or fatigue with sports, it might be time for you to consider custom orthotic devices. Our team understands the importance of your specific needs and recognizes the benefits of early intervention like none else. To learn more about how Protect3D can get you back onto the field, be sure to contact us today to schedule an appointment.