How Serious Is A Fractured Hip?

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How Serious Is A Fractured Hip?

A fractured hip is a severe injury that can bring about life-threatening complications, especially for older and active patients. In many cases, patients struggle to regain full function and mobility. Working with an experienced and accomplished orthopedic surgeon is crucial. Our team at New York Sports Medicine Institute would like to discuss the severity of a fractured hip and how we can help treat this often debilitating injury. Continue reading to learn more. 

What is a Fractured Hip?

A hip fracture is an injury that occurs when the femur breaks, usually due to a traumatic injury like a car accident or fall. Hip fractures are prevalent among older adults since the bones become more brittle and weaken with age. It can be challenging to recover from a fractured hip, and afterward, many patients are left unable to live independently. Some of the symptoms of a fractured hip include:

  • Pain – The pain is often severe and sharp after a hip fracture. Most patients experience pain in the outer hip, pelvis, thigh, and groin area. Your pain may radiate down your leg, and you can also experience knee pain. 
  • Visible Changes – Physical changes like bruising and different leg lengths 
  • Limited Mobility – A hip fracture can leave you unable to stand or walk. Bearing weight on your leg may be extremely painful. 

If our orthopedists suspect you have a fractured hip, we will perform imaging tests to confirm the diagnosis and determine the appropriate course of action. 

How Serious is a Fractured Hip?

A hip fracture can be a severe prognosis, especially for older patients. Older patients who suffer hip fractures often have to deal with lengthy recovery times and may require long-term assistance throughout recovery. There are several factors that increase the severity of a hip fracture:

  • Lower Bone Density – Our muscle mass and bone density decrease as we age. Osteoporosis is a common condition that increases the likelihood of hip fractures after a fall. Older patients are more likely to fall since they often experience decreased balance and mobility. Even an active individual can experience serious complications after a fall. 
  • Pre-Existing Conditions – For a younger individual, hip fractures are less likely to be a serious issue or occur. Various medical conditions can increase your likelihood of a broken hip and make your recovery more challenging. Many pre-existing conditions like diabetes and neurological impairment are more prevalent among elderly patients. 
  • Recovery Time – Your overall health and age will impact your recovery time. Typical hip replacement recovery can range anywhere from one to six months. Many older patients with limited mobility require longer recovery. 
  • Complication Risks – Unfortunately, many older patients die from hip fractures due to their heightened risk of surgical complications. The initial trauma of a fractured hip can be devastating to a patient’s health. Recovery can immobilize a patient for a long time, leading to further complications. Working with an experienced team can help reduce the risk of complications. 

Treatment for a Fractured Hip

Treatment for a fractured hip will depend on the cause of the fracture and its severity. In many cases for geriatric patients, hip fractures are unpredictable. Treatment for a broken hip usually involves prompt surgical repair, rehabilitation, and pain management. At New York Sports Medicine Institute, our team will work closely with you throughout every stage of the process to ensure the best possible outcome. 

Along with controlling immediate post-surgical symptoms and pain, patients may receive rehabilitation and functional training for the best results. Our team will consider your individual health, capabilities, and function for your treatment. Rehabilitation is vital to begin moving as soon as possible to avoid the serious complications of being immobilized. 

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