How To Treat Bowler’s Elbow

How To Treat Bowler’s Elbow

Has elbow pain started to affect your bowling game? Elbow pain can keep you away from your favorite activities and affect your work life. If you’ve got pain from bowling, our team at New York Sports Medicine Institute can help! Continue reading to discover more about bowling injuries and how you can prevent and treat them! 

What is Bowler’s Elbow?

You’ve likely heard of golfer’s elbow or tennis elbow, but have you heard of bowler’s elbow? All of these conditions fall under the category of epicondylitis. Bowler’s elbow is a form of tendinitis in the elbow that occurs when the tendons become inflamed due to overuse. Like tennis and golf, bowling requires repetitive, frequent movements of your wrists that strain the tendons in your elbow. Some of the symptoms of bowler’s elbow include:

  • Aching forearm pain that worsens when gripping. 
  • Pain when flexing against weight. 
  • Weakened grip strength.
  • Tingling and numbness. 
  • Pain that radiates to the wrist and forearms. 

What Causes Bowler’s Elbow?

Bowler’s elbow can be a result of numerous factors. Most symptoms associated with this injury are caused by weakness and inflexibility in the elbow tendons. Some of the additional causes of bowler’s elbow include:

  • Bowling with a heavy ball. 
  • Tight grip.
  • Improper technique when gripping the bowling ball, turning the wrist, or extending your elbow. 
  • Stiff or weak tendons when bowling. 

These factors contribute to weakness in the elbow, and some of the causes can result from activities outside of bowling. This condition often worsens over time without treatment, so it’s essential to seek prompt care to avoid long-term pain and complications. 

How To Treat Bowler’s Elbow

Persistent elbow pain can negatively impact your bowling game and other aspects of daily life. Fortunately, our team at New York Sports Medicine Institute can help you get back to your bowling game safely and pain-free. Our experts will thoroughly evaluate your condition and determine a treatment plan for your unique injury. Some of the treatments for bowler’s elbow include:

  • Therapeutic Exercises- Exercises will reduce your pain and symptoms with different modalities and help restore your elbow’s function through therapeutic exercises. These exercises will mainly involve strengthening the elbow tendon and increasing its mobility. 
  • Immobilization – Immobilizing the injured elbow in a brace or splint can help the tendon rest and prevent further injury to the elbow. This treatment can help promote healing. 
  • Surgery – In severe cases of elbow tendinitis, surgery may be required. If there is significant tension in the elbow tendons, our orthopedic surgeon can release pressure in the elbow and relieve inflammation. 

Benefits of Exercises for Bowler’s Elbow

Some of the benefits of therapeutic exercises for bowler’s elbow may include:

  • Reducing inflammation: Exercises and modalities can help reduce inflammation in the elbow joint by using techniques such as ice and heat therapy, electrical stimulation, and ultrasonic therapy.
  • Strengthening the muscles: Strengthening the muscles around the elbow joint is essential for preventing further injury and pain. Exercises that target the forearm and upper arm muscles can help achieve this goal.
  • Improving range of motion: Limited range of motion in the elbow joint can significantly contribute to the bowler’s elbow pain. Exercises that improve flexibility and range of motion can help alleviate this issue.

If you are suffering from bowler’s elbow or any other type of elbow pain, don’t hesitate to give us a call. Our experienced team can develop a customized treatment plan to help you find relief and get back to enjoying your favorite activities.

Preventing Bowler’s Elbow

Elbow pain from bowler’s elbow can set you back for a considerable amount of time. To help prevent this unfortunate and often painful injury, you can take the following preventative measures:

  • Use a lighter ball at a weight you can handle. 
  • Use a bowling ball that will fit your fingers. 
  • Perform warm-up stretching exercises for your elbow. 
  • Use proper grip on the bowling ball. 
  • Keep your arm tucked into your body when playing. 

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Bowler’s elbow can keep you away from your favorite activities and inhibit your daily function. However, our team at New York Sports Medicine Institute can help you overcome your elbow pain and get back to bowling safely! Be sure to contact us today to learn more and request an appointment