Identifying Little League Elbow

Identifying Little League Elbow

It seems as each MLB season passes, more and more pitchers suffer from elbow-related injuries. Tears and sprains to the ligaments in their elbows can lead to weeks and months of grueling rehabilitation and put a hold on your favorite team’s postseason hopes. However, professional athletes are not the only ones in danger of elbow injuries. A condition known as little league elbow can affect your child and should be taken care of by a medical professional. If your child needs orthopedic surgery in New York as a result of this injury, be sure to request an appointment with Dr. Neil Roth. As a specialist at the New York Sports Medicine Institute, he will correct the issue and get your child back out on the field.

What Is Little League Elbow?

Little league elbow is a condition that affects baseball players between the ages of 8 and 15. Though most common in pitchers, players in heavy throwing positions such as catchers, shortstops, and outfielders are also at risk of developing it. Overuse is the main culprit of little league elbow, as too much stress placed on the growth plate is what triggers this condition. The growth plate is susceptible to this injury until it has fully fused, which is why it is called little league elbow.

Symptoms To Look For:

Any injury to the throwing arm needs to be looked at right away. Athletes may try to hide their symptoms to keep playing the game they love, which is why you need to be watchful as a parent. If you notice your child displaying any of the below signs of little league elbow, they may need orthopedic surgery in New York:

  • Achiness in the elbow.
  • Acute pain when throwing.
  • Swelling on the inside of the elbow.
  • Pain that causes limited mobility.

Preventing Little League Elbow:

As a parent, it is understandable that you may want your child to avoid undergoing orthopedic surgery in New York at such a young age. Since the best form of treatment is always prevention, Dr. Roth can share the below advice on how to keep your child safe and healthy throughout the season:

  • Stay Conditioned:  One of the best ways athletes can fight injuries is to stay in game shape year-round. Having your child complete an offseason fitness routine can ensure the elbow is ready to handle the stresses that come during the season.
  • Set Pitching Guideline: It is important your child does not overdo it every time they step on the mound. Their arms are still developing, and overuse puts them at risk for injury. Setting a pitch limit is a great way to make sure this does not happen.
  • Promote Proper Mechanics: The easiest way to get hurt while playing a sport is by using incorrect mechanics. Your child will put extra stress on their elbow if they are not throwing the right way. Making an effort to ensure their mechanics are sound will help them avoid injury. 

Orthopedic Surgery In New York:

Even after taking precautionary methods, your child may still develop little league elbow. As a result, a small piece at the end of one of the bones in the elbow may break off. This piece of bone can get stuck in the joint and impede on your normal range of motion. It will need to be removed, and Dr. Roth at the New York Sports Medicine Institute knows this. He can perform surgery to remove the piece of bone, allowing for the functionality of the elbow to return.

At the New York Sports Medicine Institute, we want all our patients to trust in the care we provide. When your child requires orthopedic surgery in New York, you can turn to Dr. Roth with confidence. An expert in orthopedic sports medicine, he will be able to properly diagnose little league elbow and take all the steps needed to get your child back to full health.