Injuries From Slips & falls

Injuries From Slips & falls

No shortage of instances can lead to the human body suffering from injuries. However, during the winter season, slips and falls are sometimes the most likely culprits. At New York Sports Medicine Institute, our team is well versed in helping patients who have gone through this type of injury overcome any subsequent injuries. Our sports medicine experts would like to discuss the most common types of slip & fall injuries and what can be done for treatment.

Most Common Slip And Fall Injuries 

Anyone can suffer from a slip and fall at any time. It can happen to athletes while they are in the middle of a game or during everyday activities like running errands. The slippery and cold conditions of winter are incredibly conducive to this type of occurrence. Depending on how your body lands on the ground, many different injuries can be sustained. Examples of some of the most common types of injuries include:

  • Broken bones.
  • Fractures.
  • Dislocations.
  • Ligamentous issues.
  • Muscle strains and tears.
  • Muscle contusions. 
  • Bone bruises.   

Possible Prevention Methods

Knowing the best ways to stay on your feet will go a long way in preventing injuries from occurring. If you can avoid slips and falls, you increase the likelihood of getting through the winter without harming yourself. Here at the New York Sports Medicine Institute, our team is well versed in this area. Dr. Roth and Dr. Delaney know how devastating the previously listed injuries can be, which is why we’d like to arm you with as much information as possible to prevent them from happening. When it comes to slip and fall prevention, our team highly recommends focusing on the below:

  • When participating in sports or working out, make sure the footwear you are wearing matches the setting.  
  • Steer clear or snowy or icy patches when being active outside.
  • Always wear shoes that provide proper traction.
  • Constantly be aware of your surroundings and where you are stepping.  
  • Consider undergoing balance training throughout the year.

What Happens After An Injury  

Treatment for a slip and fall injury will hinge directly on the diagnosis you receive. Our team will perform a wide range of tests to narrow down the exact damage that took place. Rest assured, as an expert in this area of medicine, you should feel confident that his diagnosis will be the correct one. Following this, our team will discuss the treatment options we believe will be most beneficial. In some cases, this could include surgery. During the procedure, any of the below can occur to facilitate healing:

  • Reattaching torn ligaments or tendons.
  • Realigning broken or fractured bones.
  • Removing severely damaged tissues.
  • Replacing damaged structures with artificial materials.  
  • Fusing bones. 

Recovery Prognosis

The length of time taken to recover from a slip and fall injury directly correlates to the sustained damage. Patients who do not require surgery for their issues should expect to recover at faster rates. On the other hand, those who require surgery should expect longer recovery times.  However, no matter the length of your recovery, our team at New York Sports Medicine Institute will be there for you every step of the way.   

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If you suffer from a slip and fall this winter, don’t wait to seek medical attention. Here at New York Sports Medicine Institute, our staff is well versed in handling this scenario. Our team will diagnose the issue you face and offer treatment advice, which will get you back to full strength. When you’re ready to receive the care you need, contact us today.