Orthopedic Treatment For SLAP/Labral Tears

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Orthopedic Treatment For SLAP/Labral Tears

Shoulder injuries can derail a once-promising season and even destroy an entire career. At the New York Sports Medicine Institute, we have a proven track record of giving our patients the best care available. Dr. Neil Roth, our orthopedic surgeon in Manhattan, can perform the operation you need to avoid long-term complications of SLAP/labrum tears.  

What Are SLAP/Labral Tears?

Your labrum is a thick band of tissue that surrounds your shoulder socket and stabilizes the joint. Injuries to this tissue can commonly happen to athletes who participate in sports such as football, baseball, swimming, and weight lifting; due to their reliance on the repeated overhead motion.  Because of this, tears can occur throughout the labrum. A SLAP tear is one that affects a specific part of the labrum.  

The superior part of your labrum attaches to your biceps tendon. Tears to this region of the labrum are known as SLAP tears. After an athlete suffers a SLAP/labral tear, the help of an orthopedic surgeon in Manhattan may be required. Dr. Roth at New York Sports Medicine Institute will be able to operate and repair the injured tissue to get you back in the game.

What Can Cause These Injuries?

As stated above, those who participate in sports that require repetitive overhead motion are particularly at risk for a labrum tear. However, other events may lead to this injury taking place. If you are affected by any of the below, a trip to an orthopedic surgeon in Manhattan may be in your future:

  • Trauma such as a fracture or dislocation.
  • Wear and tear to the shoulder.
  • A forceful tug applied to the arm.


The sooner you know you have suffered a SLAP/labral tear, the sooner you can begin to seek out treatment.  Looking for the following symptoms after a shoulder injury can help determine if this tissue has been torn:

  • Deep, achy pain experienced in the shoulder.
  • Pain when performing overhead motions.
  • Shoulder weakness.
  • Instability of the joint.
  • Limited range of motion.

Treatment From Our Orthopedic Surgeon In Manhattan:

At the New York Sports Medicine Institute, we know our patients hate missing time due to injury. Dr. Roth, our orthopedic surgeon in Manhattan, can perform surgery to repair the injured tissue. What takes place during the operation will directly depend on the tear itself. Tears resulting from instability (such as dislocations) will see the labrum reattached to the rim of the socket. For SLAP tears, the labrum may only need to be trimmed. However, with severe SLAP tears, the tissue will need to be re-attached to the top of the socket. 

Recovering From Surgery:

The final stretch of orthopedic treatment will begin after a successful shoulder operation. You’ll most likely be placed in a sling to keep the joint immobilized to let the surgically repaired labrum properly heal. This will allow any remaining swelling to go down as well. Once Dr. Roth has given the green light, you’ll begin working on regaining the strength and range of motion that was lost due to the injury. Undergoing physical therapy at New York Sports Medicine Institute as an ancillary form of treatment to surgery can help you heal properly and regain proper motioning.

Visit The New York Sports Medicine Institute:

Athletes should not have to worry about the lasting effects an injury can bring.  Our team at New York Sports Medicine Institute knows the importance of making a full recovery, which is why we focus on providing exemplary care.  Undergoing treatment with our orthopedic surgeon in Manhattan will make all the difference in your recovery. Request an appointment with Dr. Roth today and start your journey back to the competition.