Preventing Shoulder Instability Injuries

Preventing Shoulder Instability Injuries

Due to the anatomy of the shoulder joint and its complexity, there is an array of issues that can affect this joint at any given time. Shoulder instability is one of these issues and is a condition that requires prompt treatment to avoid any future complications. Luckily, Dr. Neil Roth at the New York Sports Medicine Institute offers sports medicine in Manhattan to help accomplish your treatment and prevention goals. You can trust that he, and the rest of his team, can get you back into top form by providing the highest quality care. 

Types Of Shoulder Instability Injuries:

The shoulder is a ball-and-socket joint that allows for your range of motion to take place. Injuries to this joint can cause instability, making it painful and difficult to move. When this occurs, visiting Dr. Roth here at the New York Sports Medicine Institute can make all the difference. As our top provider of sports medicine in Manhattan, he can offer diagnosis and treatment for some common shoulder instability injuries and conditions that are listed below:

  • Dislocations & Subluxations: Shoulder subluxations occur when the humerus momentarily slides out of place. Dislocations are more severe, as the humerus completely slides out of the joint.
  • Labral Tears: The labrum is a piece of rubbery tissue that keeps the shoulder joint in place. Tears to this tissue damage the integrity of the joint, leading to instability.
  • Genetic Conditions: Unfortunately, some people are born with loose ligaments in the shoulder.  When they are not tight enough, the ligaments cannot hold the joint in place, which is the source of instability.

Common Symptoms Of Shoulder Instability:

Being wary of the signs of shoulder instability can allow for immediate treatment to be received. Whether you are an athlete or an average Joe, trying to power through a shoulder injury will cause further damage to the joint. If you begin to experience the following symptoms, receiving sports medicine in Manhattan should be in your future:

  • Repeated shoulder dislocations.
  • Constant feelings of the shoulder being loose.
  • Feeling your shoulder “give out” with movement.
  • Difficulty moving the shoulder.

Prevention Methods:

Suffering from any type of injury will greatly impede one’s quality of life. That is why you should always take all the possible steps to help prevent this from happening. Since the shoulder joint plays a vital role in everyday life, keeping it healthy should be a top priority for all patients. To help you prevent shoulder instability from occurring, Dr. Roth would like to share the below advice:

  • Don’t Ignore Discomfort:  Feeling slight discomfort in your shoulder doesn’t necessarily mean an instability injury has taken place, but it still should not be ignored. Making sure you rest your shoulder as well as visit your doctor as soon as something doesn’t feel right will work wonders for preventing injuries.
  • Exercise Properly: Staying in shape is a great way to prevent injuries, but you must do it through the correct fashion. Take time to warm-up before a workout to allow the body to prepare itself for this activity. Tailoring your workout to increase the strength of your shoulder will help keep it stable.
  • Focus On Posture: Always focusing on your posture is one final way to prevent injury. By holding a correct posture, it prevents unnecessary stress and pressure from being placed on the shoulder joint.  

Treating Shoulder Instability Injuries With Sports Medicine in Manhattan

At New York Sports Medicine Institute, we know that even if precautionary methods have been taken, injuries can still develop. That is why we are committed to providing some of the top sports medicine in Manhattan. In some cases, surgery will not be necessary for treatment. By strengthening the muscles and joints of the shoulder through physical therapy, the instability can be eliminated. However, several months of this type of treatment will need to pass before it is known if any headway has occurred. As a result, surgery may be the best option. Through surgery, Dr. Roth will realign the shoulder joint and correct any of the issues that have been causing instability.

Request An Appointment for Top Quality Sports Medicine in Manhattan:

Dr. Roth and the rest of his team at the New York Sports Medicine Institute understand how difficult dealing with shoulder instability can be. If you are affected by this shoulder ailment, please do not wait any longer to seek out treatment. Request an appointment with us today so you can get back to feeling pain-free!