Recovering from Arthroscopic Knee Surgery

Recovering from Arthroscopic Knee Surgery

Knee arthroscopy surgery has become an increasingly common surgical procedure due to the efficiency of this treatment. During this procedure, a surgeon will investigate as well as correct any issues within your knee by using the assistance of an arthroscope. An arthroscope is a small tool that uses a camera to allow your surgeon to accurately inspect your joint for any damage. This procedure is much less invasive than your average surgery and can be used to diagnose and treat issues regarding the knee, as well as other joints in the body. If you have recently suffered an injury to your knee and may require surgery, inquire about an arthroscopic procedure with an orthopedist in White Plains at New York Sports Medicine Institute

What are the benefits?

When discussing arthroscopic knee surgery with your orthopedist in White Plains, they will likely explain to you why many patients have chosen this procedure. The benefits your orthopedist may go over with you include diagnosing any of your persistent joint pain, stiffness, damaged cartilage, fluid buildup, or any floating fragments of bone or cartilage that may be in your knee. Aside from diagnosing any issues you may have been previously suffering from, this method of surgery may also involve some of the following benefits:

  • Decreased amount of tissue damage. 
  • Quicker healing time.
  • Few stitches.
  • Decreased amount of pain after the procedure.
  • Lower risk of infection.

What is the procedure like?

Essentially, once you have elected for arthroscopic knee surgery, your orthopedist in White Plains will begin by making a few small incisions in your knee. These are known as portals. Through these portals, your orthopedist will then rinse out your knee by using a sterile solution to ensure that there isn’t any cloudy liquid left in the knee. Once everything is clear, and your doctor has properly determined what is stimulating the problem, they will begin inserting tiny tools into the portals that they had originally created in order to accomplish any surgical tasks needed. This may include shaving, cutting, grasping, or meniscal repair. Typically, the surgery will only last around an hour and will end with your doctor stitching up the small incisions made to help complete the procedure. 


Unlike the recovery time for open surgery, people who undergo arthroscopic knee surgery are usually out of the hospital on the same day of the operation. Generally speaking, the recovery time is much shorter and will likely involve the following steps: 

  • Applying ice to the area in order to reduce any pain or swelling.
  • Elevating your leg for several days after your surgery.
  • Getting lots of rest!
  • Regularly changing your dressing. 
  • Maintaining the use of your crutches. 
  • Following your orthopedist’s recommendations when it comes to bearing weight on your leg. 

Prior to leaving the hospital, your orthopedist in White Plains will go over each and every one of the above instructions. They may also inform you about any prescribed painkillers or OTC drugs you may need to take in regards to any pain you may be experiencing. 

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Generally, if you are properly following the recovery guidelines given to you by your orthopedist in White Plains, you should be back up on your feet in regards to light activity within 1 to 3 weeks. Once you have hit 6 to 8 weeks, you will be able to get back to your regular day to day routine. 

With the help of our team at New York Sports Medicine Institute, our orthopedist can help get you back on track after suffering a knee injury. When you meet with our orthopedist, Dr. Neil Roth, he will address your injury or pain and determine whether or not arthroscopic knee surgery is right for you. To learn more about this procedure, contact us today!

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